Coronary angiography is basically a type of procedure that uses x-ray images to keep a watch on how blood is flowing in the arteries of the heart and blood vessels. It is basically done along with cardiac cauterization which gives detailed information about the variety of functions of the heart and blood vessels. 

To create an x-ray image the doctor injects a special thin flexible tube called a catheter. This tube basically helps to make the blood flow inside the heart. The dye highlights in the x-ray images to know the blocked or narrowed arteries in the heart. A blocked artery is very dangerous and leads to some dangerous problems of heart attack and heart failure. 

Coronary angiography is one of the best methods for diagnosing various types of heart diseases. Especially in the case when Best cardiologist in Indore found a blocked or fatty substance in your arteries that stops the supply of blood flow.

When it is needed to do coronary angiography?

  • When the supply of blood is blocked after a heart attack.
  • The treadmill test or stress test is not normal.
  • When you are feeling recently the chest pain or irregular heartbeats. 
  • In the case of unusual chest discomfort or shortness of breath.