A big part of the population of our country today is facing the problem of a heart attack no matter what is the age of the person. This disease is being faced by everyone that’s why heart bypass surgery is the need of the hour it is suggested by your doctor when your coronary arteries become so narrowed or blocked and sufficient blood does not reach your heart and you are at a high risk of a heart attack.

Heart bypass surgery is a matter of seriousness but we don’t need to be hyper it is safe because surgeons perform thousands of surgeries every year and they have the expertise in that particular field. And those persons who have the surgery they get relief also from their problem. So, don’t fear bypass surgery because as much as you will delay more complications will be there.

Precautions after having surgery

The necessary precautions to take after having the heart bypass surgery advised by Dr. Rakesh Jain the heart doctor in Indore: – 

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Don’t drive for at least 4 to 6 weeks after your surgery.
  3. Regular Walking.
  4. Avoid taking bath until the stitches are removed.
  5. Restrict consumption of salt up to 3-5gms/day

What happens in Heart bypass surgery

With the help of heart bypass surgery, a new route is created which is called bypass through which blood and oxygen reach your heart. 

The Procedure for Heart bypass surgery

When surgery is started anesthesia is given to you and from that, you get unconscious and pain-free surgery once you are unconscious the heart specialist makes a surgical cut of 8 to 10 inches in the middle of your chest. Your breastbone will be separated to create an opening and by doing that your surgeon will be able to see your heart and aorta, the main blood vessel leading from the heart to the rest of your body.