Heart Specialist Doctor – Congenital Heart Diseases

Congenital Heart Diseases

Heart Specialist Doctor – Congenital Heart Diseases

What is Congenital Heart Disease?

Congenital heart disease is a type of problem in the structure of the heart and it is a common type of defect that mostly occurs in the child from birth as per the heart specialist doctor Dr. Rakesh Jain. This heart disease occurs during pregnancy when the child’s heart does not develop normally. In the condition of congenital heart disease, it affects the pumping of blood to the body sometimes the blood flows too slowly, or in the wrong way, or many a time, it can block completely.

Heart diseases in the child are detected too early when the baby is born. But many of the time congenital heart disease is not diagnosed in childhood, adulthood, and adolescence. 

According to the best heart specialist doctor, Dr. Rakesh Jain congenital heart disease affects the heart valves, heart walls, or blood vessels. There are various types of congenital heart diseases which are simple and do not cause any kind of symptoms but others can be life-threatening and require life-long treatment. 

Types of Congenital Heart Defects – Heart Specialist Doctor

There are many types of congenital heart defects that can occur in one or more parts of the heart.

  • Septal defects: – In this type of heart defect, the hole occurs between the walls of the right and left side of the heart.

  • Heart valve defects: – The problem that occurs in the walls of the heart that controls the flood of blood throughout the body.

  • Defects in the blood vessels: – The defects in the large blood vessels that carry the blood in and out of the heart.

The most critical type of congenital heart disease is when the amount of oxygen delivered is less to the rest of the body and that requires surgery or treatment after a few months of the baby’s birth or in the first year. This type of congenital heart disease is known as critical congenital heart disease and it is also called cyanotic congenital heart disease. In this many a time it does not give any type of symptoms until childhood or adulthood.

Tips to Prevent Congenital Heart Diseases - Heart Specialist Doctor

Symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease – Heart Specialist Doctor

The signs and symptoms of this type of heart disease are different depending on the seriousness of the defect. But many a time it does give few or not any type of signs and symptoms. 

The following are the symptoms that occur in the baby are: – 

  • Cyanosis (blueish skin, lips, or nails)
  • Trouble in breathing. 
  • Fatigue.
  • Weak pulse rate.
  • Poor blood circulation.
  • Excessive Sleepiness.
  • But the signs and symptoms depend on other factors also such as: – 
  • Age.

Causes of Congenital Heart Disease – Heart Specialist Doctor

  • Heart defects may run in families.
  • Which is taken during pregnancy and keeps the child at a high risk of developing congenital heart diseases.
  • Excessive use of alcohol and smoking.
  • Mothers who suffer from viral infections during pregnancy are at a high chance of giving birth to a child with a heart defect child.
  • The blood sugar level during pregnancy affects childhood development.

Consult with the best heart specialist doctor Dr. Rakesh Jain to understand more about congenital heart diseases and their prevention.

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