How to Keep the Heart Healthy During Winters

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How to Keep the Heart Healthy During Winters

Heart attack can occur in any season but the chances of getting a heart attack and stroke are more during winter. The cold weather basically increases the heart rate and blood pressure. Especially in this season, the heart pumps the blood harder than in the normal season.  But the chances of developing various types of heart diseases are more in people who already have serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, liver diseases, and other heart diseases as per the Best Cardiologist Indore.

The drop in the temperature can especially impact heart health but many people don’t care for it till the time when they do not see danger or any extreme condition.  The Best Cardiologist Indore says the risk of getting a heart attack, and stroke are more in the winter season compared to the summer season because the cold weather basically makes the arteries narrow. During this weather, many people feel chest pain more if they have heart disease.

In this season you should always be alert and watch what you are eating, what healthy habits you are following, how much you are smoking and drinking, and what other physical activities are you doing on a regular basis. But you have to be extra careful if you have heart disease, you should visit the Best Cardiologist Indore in every 2 to 3 months and also if you are not suffering.

Reasons for Getting a Heart attack during Winters – Best Cardiologist Indore

Reasons of Geeting Heart Attack During Winters
  • When there is too much cold outside the body works harder to stay warm. But because of this reason, the arteries become narrow and sometimes blocked.  This also increases the level of blood pressure and causes unwanted stress on the heart which can lead to heart attack and stroke.

  • The higher level of blood pressure has a direct relation with the coronary arteries. The high level of blood pressure reduces the blood and oxygen flow to the heart and its muscle.

  • During winter there are many hormonal changes occur in the human body and this may include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and also increased chances of getting blood clotting. In blood clotting, the less amount of blood to the brain can leads to heart attack and stroke. 

  • In the winter season, many behavioral changes also occur including a low level of physical activity and increased weight. These two factors play a major role of diagnose a heart attack and stroke.

  • Especially for Indians, the winter season is the time when there are many holidays and festivals come, and this increase unhealthy eating habits, less physical activity, lack of sleep, and excessive eating of fried snacks and sweet dishes. This can put the heart under stress and increase the risk of heart disease.
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Risk Factors – Best Cardiologist Indore

There are many common risk factors that can increase the chances of getting a heart attack or stroke during winter are: – 

  • When you feel the pain in the chest again and again and if there is also any other discomfort which you can feel in the heart. Don’t avoid immediately consult with the best cardiologist Indore or any heart specialist.

  • People who are in the age group of above 45 or 50 are more difficult for them to stay warm in this cold weather. The slower metabolic response of the heart makes it difficult for warmth to circulate through the body.  In this, it can put more stress on the heart to pump more and more blood and this can contribute to a heart attack.

Tips to Prevent – Best Cardiologist Indore

  • Keep warm. Wear layers of warm clothing if you are engaging in any physical activity so you may remove any.
  • Get plenty of water. Rapid dehydration brought on by cold temperatures puts the metabolic system under stress.
  • Eat small, basic food which is easy to digest. Make sure not to overeat sweets during festivals and holidays.

To know and understand more about how to keep the heart healthy during winter consult with Dr. Rakesh Jain Best Cardiologist Indore.

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