TMT & Its Procedure – Cardiologist in Indore

Cardiologist in Indore

TMT & Its Procedure – Cardiologist in Indore

When you have a family history of heart disease or are you already suffering from major heart diseases? In this case, it is necessary to go for the best cardiologist in Indore Dr. Rakesh Jain who will help you to measure the flow of the blood during exercising or any physical activity. 

What is TMT or Stress Test?

The TMT test is also known as the stress test or exercise test. The TMT helps the cardiologist in Indore to know how the heart works during physical activity. Exercise basically makes the heart pump faster and this helps the doctor to know and reveal the problem of blood flow in the heart. 

The procedure of stress test involves walking on the treadmill or riding a stationary bike to monitor and measure the blood pressure, rhythms of the heart, and others problems like chest pain. The best cardiologist in Indore recommends the procedure of TMT test when you have signs and symptoms of coronary heart disease or when the heart beats irregularly too fast and too slow and also in the case when the heart needs surgery, heart treatment, or the start of any physical activity. 

The test does not create any type of heart complications such as chest pain, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, heart failure, and other serious diseases of the heart. In the case of the procedure of the stress test, the doctor may not be able to recognize what’s going on with the heart. So, the best cardiologist in Indore suggests the procedure of a Stress test with imaging or echocardiogram. 

This test and procedure basically help the doctor to understand the heart condition and plan the treatment for the heart from which they have been diagnosed.

TMT Test - Cardiologist in Indore

Signs Of TMT Test – Cardiologist in Indore

The heart specialist may also recommend the test of TMT if the patient may have one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Dizziness.
  • Chest Pain.
  • Difficulty in Breathing.

When TMT Test is Needed – Cardiologist in Indore

The best cardiologist in Indore Dr. Rakesh Jain suggests the stress test or TMT test in the case when the patient is suffering from heart conditions like: – 

When TMT is needed - Cardiologist in Indore

Coronary Artery diseases: – Coronary artery disease is one of the major types of blood vessels that supply blood, oxygen, and nutrition.  The TMT test is designed to find out one of the more coronary arteries which contain the fatty deposits that block the blood vessels of the heart. 

Arrhythmia: – The condition of arrhythmia occurs when the heart’s electrical signal that maintains and controls the heartbeat does not work properly and then the heart beats sometimes too fast or slow.

Heart Disorders: – The person who is suffering from heart disease, a stress test basically helps the heart specialist to know that the heart medications and treatment is working well or not. 

Heart Check Before Surgery: – The cardiologist in Indore Dr. Rakesh Jain check the heart before the heart surgery that the heart is ready to get the procedure of heart surgery or not such as heart valve replacement surgery, angioplasty, angiography, pacemaker implantation, or heart transplant.

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